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Reopening:  Hygiene guidelines for your safely.

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We have various measures in place to ensure that you feel happy staying in our house.

Once guests have vacated, all windows & doors are opened and left open for a much as possible whilst the house is being cleaned and before new guests arrive.

Our cleaning standards have always been high, anti bac cleaners have always been used so not too much has changed with cleaning the house, the cleaner is now booked to come back on the morning of check in to re wipe over all surfaces and re open the windows ready for guest arrival.

Our aim is to leave the house empty for 24 hours between each guest, if you wish to book & this is not possible we will let you know and ask for a later arrival time to allow for extra airing time.

All bedding & towels are washed on a hot wash.

A basket is left in the house with antic bac wipes, spray, toilet wipes etc for guests use.

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